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Our platform simplifies your immigration management.

An all-in-one platform that revolutionizes immigration and relocation management. Simplify communications, secure files and data, track progress in real time, coordinate tasks with ease, and much more.

Making global mobility easy

Immigration and relocation of workers is a complex process. With Goodland, save time and money by using our optimized platform to manage the entire immigration process and the integration of your candidates.

Speed of execution

To meet your immigration and mobility needs, our platform simplifies the entire process by automating recurring tasks and centralizing information and collaboration in one place. No more delays, disorganized files or missed appointments.

Control and transparency

Our intuitive platform guides you, your employee and their family through each step of the relocation process, with status updates along the way. Plus, get timely notification when it's time to renew your employee's license.

Dedicated assistance

We ensure that you and your employees feel confident throughout their application and receive answers to any questions that may arise. Our dedicated case manager and extensive resource center provide the information they need.

Monitoring of your cases

Un système de gestion de tâches et un calendrier intelligent pour suivre l'avancement de vos cas.

Effective communication

A way to communicate effectively and clearly with all stakeholders.

Easy access to documents

A centralized platform to store and access all necessary documents.

Smart verifications

Our expertise and technology can speed up the processing of your files while reducing the number of reviews required.

Automated notifications

Alerts to follow the steps of the procedure and for work permit renewals.

Integration portal

A dedicated portal to train and guide your employees to maximize the success of their integration.

Why Goodland?

The all-in-one platform to manage the immigration and relocation of your employees.

For employers

By choosing Goodland, employers benefit from a comprehensive and efficient solution that simplifies complex administrative processes, reduces costs and processing times, and ensures a smooth transition for employees.

For employees

Using Goodland, employees receive comprehensive and personalized support to ease their transition to their new country and help them integrate quickly and smoothly. Through our intuitive interface, employees have access to clear and detailed information about visa requirements, work permits, housing and more.

Immigration experts

Our specialists have in-depth knowledge of international immigration laws and regulations, as well as proven skills in managing complex and varied cases. Thanks to their expertise, they are able to provide you with personalized advice adapted to your specific needs, taking into account the particularities of each country.

Find out why employees love Goodland

"Thanks to Goodland, my relocation went smoothly and I was able to focus on my new career rather than the paperwork. Their team of experts was always available to answer my questions and help me every step of the way."

Antonio J. Barandica

Senior Full Stack Developer

"I was blown away by the simplicity and efficiency of the Goodland platform. The clear information and practical tools allowed me to quickly set up shop in Canada, and their personalized assistance really made a difference."

Fadoua Ganouf

Senior Drupal Developer

"Their personalized approach and guidance throughout the process made it easy for me to integrate into my new life abroad. I highly recommend Goodland to anyone preparing for an international career change."

Xavier Mignot

Cloud Architecture Consultant

Mobility management should not be so complex and costly

Goodland is the all-in-one platform to manage your employee immigration and relocation. Facilitate task tracking, communications, case management, file storage, and case progress with a clear and easy-to-use dashboard. We have everything you need to make your life and your employees' lives easier.

Our platform simplifies your immigration management.
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