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Give your employees complete peace of mind

The Goodland platform guides your employees through each step of the immigration process, with useful information throughout. No more delays, administrative chaos or missed appointments to obtain a visa.

Making global mobility easy

Let Goodland take care of the relocation hassle for you and your international talent. Focus on acquiring the best candidates, we'll take care of the rest.

Entrust your relocation files quickly

Immigration, change of visa, office transfer, temporary mobility, we take care of everything.

Dedicated case managers

Trust our team of global mobility experts. They are available to answer all your questions, allowing you to focus on what really matters: your employees.

Full control and visibility

Our intuitive platform guides you and your employee through each step of the relocation process, with status updates along the way.

Finding a home

Goodland's field agents help your employees find short-term stays as well as the long-term apartment of their dreams.

Registration of domicile

Once we have found them a place to live, we make sure that your employees have all the necessary documents in order.

Opening bank accounts

We ensure that your employees find the best banking solutions and help them navigate the account opening process.

Registration for health services

Your international employees shouldn't have to worry about accessing health care. We'll take care of it.

Income Tax

Goodland helps your international employees understand and comply with local tax laws.

Support for education

For employees who move with their families, we help them find the right schools for their children.

Your employees are our priority

Goodland is the all-in-one platform designed to support employees throughout their immigration and relocation process.

Follow-up of the procedures

An intuitive dashboard that allows employees to track the status of their visa applications, work permits and other paperwork in real time.

Personalized assistance

Access to immigration experts to answer all questions and offer advice tailored to the specific needs of each employee.

Document management

A centralized space to store, organize and share all documents related to immigration and relocation, making case management easier.

Family support

Information and advice on relocating family members, schools and activities for spouses and children.

Find out why employees love Goodland

"Thanks to Goodland, my relocation went smoothly and I was able to focus on my new career rather than the paperwork. Their team of experts was always available to answer my questions and help me every step of the way."

Antonio J. Barandica

Senior Full Stack Developer

"I was blown away by the simplicity and efficiency of the Goodland platform. The clear information and practical tools allowed me to quickly set up shop in Canada, and their personalized assistance really made a difference."

Fadoua Ganouf

Senior Drupal Developer

"Their personalized approach and guidance throughout the process made it easy for me to integrate into my new life abroad. I highly recommend Goodland to anyone preparing for an international career change."

Xavier Mignot

Cloud Architecture Consultant

Mobility management should not be so complex and costly

Goodland is the all-in-one platform to manage your employee immigration and relocation. Facilitate task tracking, communications, case management, file storage, and case progress with a clear and easy-to-use dashboard. We have everything you need to make your life and your employees' lives easier.

Our platform simplifies your immigration management.
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