Frequently asked questions from candidates

What is Goodland?

Goodland is a job platform solely for technology and data professionals, connecting them with platform-approved companies. The idea of the platform is to turn the traditional recruitment process on its head. By filling out your profile, companies can approach you directly with transparent job offers. The selection criteria on both sides create a transparent and efficient marketplace, allowing both candidates and companies to focus on finding the right person and the right employer. It is a win-win strategy.

What type of skills are you looking for?

The demand for skills varies. Currently, we see a strong need in the areas of mobile development and frontend and backend web development. We also have positions in DevOps and Data Science. Experience in a start-up is an asset, but not a prerequisite. A good level of English and/or French is also required for most of the jobs offered.

How does the registration process work?

First, you must register and create your profile in which you put forward your job preferences. Once this is done and your profile is fully created, you will be added to our list of candidates. Our selection algorithm will only show your anonymous profile to the companies that match what you are looking for. These companies will then be able to send you an invitation to unlock your profile and get in touch with you. Accept invitations for the positions you are interested in, participate in interviews, and choose the position that most closely matches your ideal.

What is a Talent Success Manager?

A Talent Success Manager is your personal guide on Goodland. He is there to accompany you if needed. Do not hesitate to contact him/her with any questions. Your Talent Success Manager is experienced in recruiting in the technology and start-up fields.

Do I have to pay a fee to use Goodland?

Goodland is a completely free service for job seekers! You will never have to pay any fees on the platform.

What information is on my profile?

Aside from basic information such as your name, contact information, experience and skills, you can add your salary expectations, preferred geographic area and contract type, as well as the positions you are targeting. We also provide plenty of space for creating a custom resume as well as embedding links for employers to access your work on platforms like GitHub and others. And don't forget that your Talent Success Manager is there to help you if needed!

I am currently employed and must give notice before resigning. Can I include this information in my profile?

You can include your availability date in your profile. Companies will offer you invitations to interviews based on this information.

I am currently employed and do not want my current employer to see me, can I hide my profile?

We block your current employer by default. You can add other companies that you want to block via the "Privacy" tab. In addition, your profile remains anonymous and your contact information only becomes available if you accept a request from an employer.

I am currently a student but will be graduating soon. When should I create a profile?

You can sign up for Goodland when you are ready to enter the job market. The hiring process usually happens pretty quickly once your profile becomes visible, so make sure you've enjoyed your last days as a student before joining the platform! While Goodland is geared towards experienced developers, we are also well aware that new graduates have great potential. If there are experience gaps on your profile, you may have to take a technical test.

What types of skills should I include in the "Skills" section?

This section is about your technical expertise. Include important programming languages, frameworks and tools that you know and are comfortable with. You should be comfortable with the skills you list, which means you don't necessarily need to be an expert, but you should have more than a basic knowledge and some mastery of them. If you think your soft skills are worth mentioning as well, we encourage you to include them in your profile.

How do I determine my ideal salary?

It's up to you, but you should try to be realistic in your expectations, taking into account your own level of experience as well as the cost of living in the city you are applying to. The ideal salary is used as an indicator for companies, and is not necessarily a fixed criteria.

Can I select multiple geographic areas for my ideal position?

Yes, you can choose as many geographical areas as you want for your ideal job. You will receive job offers from companies located in all these areas. If you wish to work remotely, you must select the "Remote" option.

Do companies sponsor work visas for foreign workers?

Many companies on our platform sponsor work visas. They will take care of the paperwork and costs involved with our help. The companies that send you invitations for interviews are the ones that are usually willing to help you relocate to Canada.

My profile was not accepted on Goodland, can I resubmit it?

If your profile is not accepted, it means that unfortunately you do not have a profession that the platform supports.

When do I become visible to the companies on Goodland?

New talents become visible as soon as the registration is completed. Your anonymous profile will automatically be visible to companies that match with you.

I don't want to become visible to businesses on Goodland yet. How can I do this?

Simply send your Talent Success Manager a quick email explaining your needs and he will suspend the visibility of your profile.

How do I contact my Talent Success Manager on Goodland?

When you are accepted on the platform, your Talent Success Manager will send you an email directly. You can use this email to contact him/her whenever you need help or advice. If you have lost your Talent Success Manager's email, you can contact him/her at

How do companies find my profile on Goodland?

Companies can only see candidate profiles that match what they are looking for such as skills, geographical area, work authorization and type of contract. Companies can then send invitations for interviews.

What is an interview invitation?

An interview invitation is a request for an interview for a specific position. It means that a company has liked your profile and wants to discuss a position with you. Accepting an interview invitation does not bind you to the company and you can accept as many interview invitations as you like. Once you accept an invitation, your contact information will be visible to the employer.

What information is included in an interview invitation?

The interview encourages you to list job-specific information. You can think of them as a more transparent version of a traditional job offer. They include recurring elements, such as a job description and skills specification, but also salary and other benefits, as well as a personalized message from the CEO, CTO or hiring manager, depending on the size of the company. For more company-specific information, you can click on their profile and review it.

What is a company profile?

Each company on the platform has an individual company profile. This is a detailed overview of the technical credentials and work culture, and is accessible via the interview invitation. Company profiles include information about the development team, products, technology stack, hiring process, as well as a timeline of major developments and a direct message from the CTO, CEO or HR manager, depending on the size of the company. So you can use the company profiles as a resource to decide which companies interest you the most.

Can I accept multiple invitations to an interview?

Of course, but we recommend not taking on too much either. It is important to take enough time to prepare for each interview.

What format do the interviews take?

Interviews are arranged directly between you and the company. Companies are generally flexible with scheduling and candidate requirements. Common interview formats are face-to-face, Skype / Hangouts, over the phone and online.

Is it possible to conduct remote interviews?

Yes, most companies are willing to conduct candidate interviews by phone, via Skype / Hangouts or other means.

What should I prepare for the interview?

You need to understand the position you are applying for by reviewing the interview invitation and the company's profile. Identify the skills the company is looking for and make a clear link to your own profile. It is also helpful to think about where you want to take your career to ensure that it aligns with the company's future plans.

If I accept an interview invitation, will I still be eligible to receive invitations from other companies?

Yes, you may receive invitations to interviews from several companies until a paper offer for a position is signed.

My profile has been visible to companies on Goodland for some time, why haven't I received an invitation for an interview?

In the unlikely event that you do not receive an invitation to an interview, we suggest that you contact your Talent Success Manager.

Can I decline invitations to interviews on Goodland?

Yes, if you are not interested in the interview invitations, you can refuse them. In this case, you can also specify why the invitation was not interesting to you.

I declined an invitation for an interview, but have now changed my mind. Can I contact the company again?

We recommend that you fully evaluate interview invitations before declining them. If you change your mind after declining an invitation, contact your Talent Success Manager. In some cases, the position may have already been filled and therefore the invitation to the position is no longer available; in other cases, it may still be open. If it is still possible to arrange an interview, we will help you in any way we can.

I was recently hired on Goodland. What happens to my profile now?

First of all, congratulations on being hired! Send us an email to let us know and we will rank your profile accordingly. You will not receive any more invitations for interviews. You can also change your search status to unavailable directly on the platform.

What industries / types of businesses are present on your platform? (size of industries and companies)

There are a multitude of industries, such as e-commerce, marketing, services, financial technology, travel, applications, software, healthcare.

Frequently asked questions from companies

What is Goodland for Business?

Goodland is a recruitment platform for technology and data professionals. Every week, new local and international talent profiles register through a questionnaire that allows us to match the talent profiles with companies looking for the same profile. You can then apply for these anonymous talent profiles and submit an interview request each week. Once the candidate accepts, you are put in touch to arrange a first meeting. Entry criteria on both sides create a transparent and efficient marketplace, open only to those pre-approved by Goodland, which reduces search time, allowing both candidates and companies to make better selections.

How does the Goodland process work?

After Goodland approves your company to join the platform, we create a company profile with you based on the information you submit. Once your company profile is finalized, you can immediately begin searching for candidates using specific parameters and keywords. To contact candidates directly for a position, you send them an invitation for an interview, which they can accept or reject. Once candidates accept an interview invitation, the recruitment process proceeds according to your company's internal procedures.

Who should register on Goodland?

Any company with technology needs can register on Goodland. We require companies on Goodland to be transparent about the jobs they post. HR managers tend to lead the recruitment process, but we also strongly encourage the involvement of the technical team, especially the lead developer or CTO, in the selection of candidates.

Where does Goodland find its candidates?

Goodland is a primarily invitation-based platform. Candidates come from direct invitations from the platform, third party referrals, university partnerships and various marketing strategies. We focus on building strong networks that encourage candidates to proactively request invitations on the platform.

What is the cost of using Goodland?

We offer different packages depending on your recruitment needs. We have opted for a subscription cost per month approach. You have access to the platform 365 days a year and unlimited Talent searches. To know our prices, please contact us at

Why Goodland?

We connect companies with pre-screened developers who are actively looking for a new job. Every week, you have access to new candidate profiles on our platform. Our mission is to ensure that every developer delivers excellent work and the best of themselves. Our success depends on the success of our users, which is why we also support the developer community with events, blog posts and even member benefits ;). We like to be seen as the go-to platform for technology recruitment, but we don't intend to lock you in! Searching for candidates on our platform does not prevent you from hiring elsewhere.

Where do the candidates on Goodland come from?

Applicants to Goodland come from all over the world. On average, more than 70% of candidates come from Canada, and 30% from the rest of the world. Our streamlined immigration system allows you to quickly bring candidates from around the world to work in your office.

Is Goodland open to freelance, part-time and full-time candidates?

On our platform, you can access the best candidate profiles according to the type of employment contract you offer.

Does Goodland offer local or international candidates?

Both of them! Indeed, at Goodland, we are convinced that the success of work teams depends above all on diversity. That's why we recruit our developers from all over the world and offer you international recruitment consulting services if needed.

What languages do the Goodland developers speak?

Developers must be fluent in English. French is also an asset for recruitment in the province of Quebec.

Does Goodland offer visa assistance for international applicants?

Yes, Goodland is the first platform to offer comprehensive visa assistance for international candidates. Indeed, we want our clients to have access to the best candidates' profiles from all over the world. We take care of the entire visa process according to your needs.

What is an interview invitation?

An interview invitation is a personalized request to developers to discuss a specific position with them. Developers can accept or reject your interview invitation, and you can send multiple invitations for the same position.

What is included in an interview invitation?

Interview invitations combine elements of a traditional job posting, such as a concise job description and skill requirements for the position, with additional elements to encourage greater transparency, such as salary and soon a personalized message from you to the invited candidate.

I have several positions to offer, can I send out multiple interview invitations?

Yes, you can send multiple invitations for multiple positions. But you can only send a maximum of one invitation to a given candidate.

What should I do if my interview invitations are rejected?

It is normal for some invitations to be rejected. All rejected invitations specify the reason(s) why they were rejected. In some cases, you can resubmit an interview invitation, changing some aspects of the invitation, such as the salary. In the unlikely event that all your interview invitations are rejected, we recommend that you contact your Client Success Manager.

How is the maintenance process organized on Goodland?

The interview process is arranged directly between your company and the candidate and can follow your usual internal recruitment procedures.

What happens when a candidate accepts my offer?

After a candidate has accepted your offer, you will have access to their contact information so you can get in touch with them.